June 17, 2011

Floral Fascinator Tutorial for the DIY Bride

          If you're like me and freak out when you see the price of veils, floral fascinators, and other hairpieces, then here is a great post for you. I made my own flower clip and birdcage veil for less than $15 total!! I will show you how to make an easy and inexpensive floral fascinator which will look like you paid loads more for it!

What you will need:
  • 2 packages of Ivory or White Tulle Circles from Dollar Tree (yes, only $1 a package!)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • needle and thread of corresponding color
  • 1" felt circle
  • alligator clip
  • rhinestones or other decorative accent for the center (I actually used a pair of cubic zirconia earrings that I never wear!)

Step 1: Cut out a template for your flower then use this to cut out your tulle. You can cut about 8 pieces of tulle at a time. I used two packages of tulle which came out to 32 flowers total. It's okay if the flower edges aren't perfect! 

 Step 2: Stack the flowers on top of each other. Again, they do not have to line up perfectly. You actually want the petals to fill up all the blank spaces.

 Step 3: Take the bunch of flowers and fold in half. Get your needle and thread and sew through the center of the fold as shown below.

 Step 4: Fluff out the petals so the flower looks even and full.

Step 5: Flip the flower over and sew the felt circle to the center of the bottom.

 Step 6: Take your hot glue gun and glue the alligator clip onto the felt circle being careful not to get glue on the tulle.

Step 7: Use the hot glue gun to place your decorative stones in the center of the flower, again being careful not to get glue on the tulle. Fluff the petals again to get the flower's appearance to your liking.

Here is the final result. 

          A floral fascinator goes beautifully with a birdcage veil such as the one I made using this Birdcage Veil Tutorial I purchased a yard of 9" ivory russian netting from pocketsaurus for $5.  (1 yard will actually be enough for two veils, so if you screw up the first one you have more netting left to try again!) I decided to go with the 9" because I wanted more of a blusher veil right above my eyes. This type of veil may take a few extra bobby pins to get it to look just right, but the final result is worth it!


  1. I was so thrilled to see the veil you ended up wearing on your wedding day! And I can't believe you made it yourself! It was so lovely, and didn't distract from your gorgeous dress!

  2. VEry very nice flower :) Adorable