July 19, 2011

DIY Chevron Bracelet

          The chevron pattern seems to be all the rage right now showing up everywhere from rugs to clothes to party decor. It is bold & modern, funky & fresh. I of course wanted to jump on the bandwagon when I came across this DIY bracelet from Yellow Blackbird. Best part was I already had all of the supplies to make it. I used 1/4" navy blue ribbon leftover from our wedding and dimpled gold bangles which I had purchased from Forever21 here. I used only 5 out of the 17 bangles to make this bracelet so I still have plenty to wear on their own. This bracelet is ridiculously easy to make and probably took less than 15 minutes to put together. 

Step 1: Start by cutting 1 yd of ribbon and collecting 5 or 6 bangles. 

Step 2: Start weaving the ribbon around every other bangle making sure to leave plenty of extra ribbon at the end where you will tie it.  Weave in the opposite direction to make a "V." Keep repeating this until you reach the place where you began, creating a zig zag pattern. 

Step 3: Before tying the two ends of ribbon together in a bow, go back and tighten the pattern and make sure it is symmetrical.

Step 4: Tie the bow and pair with your cutest outfit :)

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  1. Way fun. I love when you have DIY posts.